FUTURE ready

Future Ready is a dynamic and forward-thinking segment, meticulously designed to shape the graduates of tomorrow.

Each episode is a stepping stone towards transforming you into work-ready professionals, armed with necessary discipline-specific knowledge and skills.
Dive into episodes as we navigate the complexities of the changing world, equipping you with skills for the fourth industrial revolution. It also provides a grounding in the unique contextual realities of life in a post-apartheid, democratic South Africa. Striving to foster critical consciousness, the series encourages creative, active, and social engagement within civil society.

Tune in to "Future Ready" and shape your future today.

STUDY sesh

Unlock the world of knowledge with Study Sesh, an enlightening Boston Broadcasts segment that delves into diverse topics across all fields linked directly to what you’re learning! Each episode features a seasoned lecturer or a distinguished member of the academic team to help make your studies easier!

Get ready to explore discussions that enrich your understanding and expand your horizons. Watch Study Sesh and embark on an intellectual adventure like no other!

IN DEPTH & out loud

Sit down and get comfy with our amazing guests as they bring the working world to you!

If you’ve wanted to better understand how your studies translate into the real world, In Depth & Out Loud does just that. With stimulating conversations where experienced industry icons share their knowledge and practical tips to success, this is not one to be missed!

ZEN den

Welcome to Zen Den, your perfect retreat for all things wellness. Enter a serene world of mindful living and self-care rituals.

Zen Den is dedicated to supporting your study journey by reminding you to take a moment for yourself. So, pause and join us to discover the balance that lies within.